Diversity ROI Certification Program On-Demand

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Earn 24 SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDC) While Learning Return on Investment (ROI) Skills

The Hubbard Diversity ROI Certification On-Demand Program (4-Days of Skill Building) is the most comprehensive way to gain the skills, resources, and knowledge to measure the value of your Diversity Initiatives or any intervention of all types down to the financial return on investment (DROI).

The program includes a 4-day course surrounding the Hubbard DROI Methodology, a systematic approach to program evaluation that is proven to deliver accurate and credible results. And since it is "Online and ON-Demand", you save both time and travel expense dollars to attend. The program can be built around your schedule.

  • After the course you will receive one-on-one support to conduct your first Impact/DROI Study in your own organization.
  • Upon demonstrating competency in applying the Hubbard DROI Methodology, you will join an elite group of professionals with the designation of Certified Diversity ROI (CDROI) Professional. Benefits to Attending......
  • As a Diversity professional, you benefit from Learning Diversity ROI-based Skills and Earning Certifications or Certificates.
What You Will Learn: During the workshop, you will: •
  • Apply the Hubbard Diversity ROI Methodology™ to a program in your own organization •
  • Get detailed, first-hand experience with every step •
  • Learn how to measure the contribution of a variety of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives •
  • Learn how to calculate Diversity ROI • Learn how to enhance program results and Diversity ROI •
  • Discover how to translate intangible benefits into monetary values • Practice presenting results of a Diversity ROI Impact study
Gain the skills to be fully certified, including: •
  • Determine data collection techniques, timing, and methods •
  • Choose appropriate strategies for isolating the effects of programs •
  • Convert impact measures to money • Analyze data and calculate the actual financial ROI •
  • Present results to a variety of audiences demonstrating Diversity and Inclusion's financial ROI •
  • Develop sought-after skills that will make you more credible and valuable to your organization’s executives