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FREE eLearning Trial Limited Time Offer for the first 40 people to sign up. This offer allows the first 40 people to choose one online e-Learning Workshop to take for 30 days with NO further obligations. You can choose from any of our over 120 online eLearning Workshops. Your workshop will be available 24x7 so you can work at your own pace and at a time that is most convenient to you. It is our way of introducing you to vast array of Personal and Career Success support tools that are available to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives. Each online eLearning Workshop enables you to:

* Learn content that is relevant and immediately transferable to your personal success and career development
* Earn a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing
* Complete 12 Modules of skill-building with skill integration exercises and case studies to test and apply your learning
* Add 20 Hours of skill-development to your resume and background
* Provide the basis for Career Advancement and Hiring success
* Take your Personal Success and Career goals and objectives to the next level

This offer is co-sponsored by the Personal Success Coaching Center and the Online Learning Institute. It is a tremendous value for the first 40 people to sign up. These courses normally retail for $45 - $295. Once this offer expires, all workshops will go back to their original prices. Sign up TODAY to reserve your FREE Workshop Selection!