Webinar:Intro to Diversity Business Alignment Maps_02-20-19

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As Dr. Hubbard states in the book, imagine having this experience... "Your boss just told you for your Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) organization to truly deliver what the C-Suite wants and remain viable, you need to "think more strategically". You want your D&I organization to be successful however you are puzzled by your boss’s statement. What does that mean? You thought you were being “strategic”. Now, you are not so sure what you are doing will keep your efforts in the “value-added” column and off the budget cutting or elimination table." Companies can now focus their human capital investments and, more generally, their investments in all intangible assets to create distinctive and sustainable value. All organizations today create sustainable value from leveraging their intangible assets—human capital; databases and information systems; responsive, high quality processes; customer relationships and brands; innovation capabilities; and culture. The trend away from a product-driven economy, based on tangible assets, to knowledge and service economies, based on intangible assets, has been occurring for decades. “Strategy” describes how an organization intends to create sustained value for its shareholders. Organizations today must leverage their intangible assets for sustainable value creation.