Hubbard Engagement and Retention ROI Calculator & Tools

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this comprehensive ROI-based tool includes seven (7) powerful automated forecasting and strategy development tools. They will help boost your effectiveness, save time, and enhance the impact of your performance results and outcomes when communicating with key stakeholders. These “ready-to-use components include: o Hubbard Engagement Retention ROI Calculator – an automated “Plug-in, Calculate, & Go” tool which helps you calculate the ‘dollar savings value’ of improving engagement and retention of your diverse workforce. o Diversity Measurement Planning Tree – This detailed analytical framework helps you design a comprehensive strategy to address Retention and Attraction processes. It is complete with objectives, strategies, tactics, specific metrics and implications for action planning. o Contingency Planning Tools – These powerful tools will help you take a structured approach to insure against the strategic risk and failure of your Diversity initiatives and strategies. Appropriate contingency planning significantly enhances the continued viability and integration of the Diversity strategic planning effort. It is the spare tire, lug wrench, and jack of applied Diversity strategic planning….a common sense “Plan B”. Contingency planning puts the organization and you in a better position to deal with the unexpected by anticipating possible scenarios other than the most probable. Complete with Alert Levels and Trigger-Point warning metrics that help keep your processes on track. o Diversity Strategic Linkage Map – This advanced tool will help you create an actionable plan using a “root-cause” focused, strategic Gap-Analysis process. It will make it easier to not only create vision and direction for your Diversity efforts but also makes the business case for management and other to align to your efforts. o Initiative Implementation Worksheet – This detailed resource will provide you with a template and process to report and implement your Diversity initiatives. This tool guides you through a “Project Management-based” approach to capture and report critical elements in your “proposed” or “in-process” Diversity initiative. o KPI Planning Worksheet - This comprehensive data collection, planning, and target setting template will guide you through essential data collection decisions and suggest sample strategies to address challenges that produce effective strategic Diversity outcomes. Information is captured in a way that increases your Diversity effort’s alignment with the organization’s business strategy. o Workforce Cultural Audit Metrics List 1 – This valuable resource provides 25 critical, ready-to-use Workforce Cultural Audit measures and ratios to expertly analyze your Cultural Audit results. You will be able to develop formulas and/or processes to support each key measurement area in your list (i.e., "Extent to which values are clear and widely understood") - This may require creating a perception survey that is sent to all employees that contains a detailed list of items questioning the clarity of the organization’s values. The survey will help you determine the degree to which the values are clear. The scores covering the entire organization will address whether the values are "widely" understood. Using the metrics and ratios in this list, you may also conduct a series of "Employee Focus Groups" to determine the clarity of values and the depth of values clarity that is present in the organization.