Hubbard Diversity Payback Calculator & Tools

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this comprehensive ROI-based tool includes seven (6) powerful automated forecasting and strategy development tools. They will help boost your effectiveness, save time, and enhance the impact of your performance results and outcomes when communicating with key stakeholders. If you want to make better decisions and take the right actions, using analytics is a must! The Hubbard Diversity ROI Payback Calculator helps you show how Diversity can be used to improve performance in key business areas. These “ready-to-use resources include: o Hubbard Diversity Payback ROI Calculator – an automated “Plug-in, Calculate, & Go” tool which helps you calculate the estimated useful life of your Diversity initiatives in "years and dollars to aid in advanced decision making. It is designed to show the “payback” of your Diversity initiatives. This extremely valuable tool will help you determine whether it is worth the investment to proceed with the diversity initiative as well as show c-suite executives the forecasted value returned in dollars if the initiative is approved and the period required before receiving a payback. This tool helps you answer the question: "When will we see a "return" (forecasted payback) from this Diversity initiative?" o Hubbard Improved Productivity Impact Calculator – an automated “Plug-in, Calculate, & Go” tool which helps you calculate the worth or “Value” of utilizing a Diversity Training Initiative to generate improved skills that increase productivity output in units. This unique tool takes you through the Diversity ROI process, step-by-step to generate your Diversity initiative’s “evidence-based” value in a dollar ROI. o Diversity Business Planning Template – This comprehensive tool helps you prepare a 3-year Business Plan that helps you build a 3-year strategic plan for your Diversity initiatives, identify the organizational impact, itemize the potential risk, gauge the current and future risks to the project and the organization. This plan is also supported by tactics every step of the way to ensure success! o Outcome Identification Matrix – This simple, yet insightful tool will help you identify the expected outcomes of the Diversity intervention solution. It is important to clarify what an internal client requester hopes to accomplish through the Diversity performance solution. What does he or she want the audience to do as a result of the solution? This tool will help you provide a framework for your analysis and ultimately will be used to identify the objectives and measures for the solution o Communications Plan Worksheet – This tool is specifically designed to help you efficiently plan the key requirements to communicate the value proposition and impact of your Diversity performance initiatives. It will help you design all of the communication plan components to implement your meeting without a “hitch”. This Tool reminds you of key resources needed and target audiences that must be a part of your session. o Diversity Payback SPIN R Worksheet – This comprehensive worksheet is designed to help you conduct a detailed “Situation Analysis” of the business need your Diversity intervention addresses and outlines the value of the “financial payback” the organization will receive by supporting the initiative. It will help you outline a compelling business case highlighting the value of Diversity as an effective solution as well as help you leverage other tools on the disk to show the impact in dollars and cents!