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In the past few years, online learning has drastically evolved and changed the face of modern education. Did you know that online learning is more affordable, more effective, and requires less time commitment than traditional education? That explains why more and more people choose to study online.

There is nothing like taking control of your own or your employee's academic life and learning at your own pace without feeling as if you are being rushed and not able to proceed on your own schedule at your own pace. And there is no better and easier way to do that than by taking online classes.

Organizations that invest in employee training are typically looking for ways to create a more employee-centric organization, with resources and tools to help employees engage with their work and expand their skillset. Its a philosophy that believes that when employees are given the tools to perform at their best, the organization benefits. Effective training not only improves profitability, but also brings a new factor into the workplace agility, or the ability to rapidly adapt to and overcome unexpected challenges without losing productivity, lowering client retention, or risking employee engagement

This is why the Hubbard Online Learning Institute now offers a "Year-Long Membership" to its entire catalog of over 145+ e-learning courses for only $9.97/month (billed annually). This offers a tremendous value to you (worth over $3,900 Retail Value) and a tremendous return on investment to employers to help transform their organization with an "upskilled" workforce. A excellent value for you to keep your skills current or to enhance your skills (or your family's) to advance and improve your career success.