Moving Into Management Skills Library-1

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According to some surveys, most American workers donít want to move into management. Thatís likely a good thing as the available slots at higher levels within any organization are limited. But, for those who do, there are some important steps to take to position themselves to step into these higher-level roles. Many of those who yearn for these roles, though, feel the deck is stacked against them. That's why its critical to build your skills and knowledge about the essential ingredients that make managers successful. This online learning library package will reduce decades of learning into days an help you prepare for the responsibilities as a successful manager.

This comprehensive TEN Course Library will get you off to a fast start with over 120 Modules of managerial instruction content to teach you the strategies to manage and how to avoid the pitfalls which are barrirers to success. This comprehensive Library includes the following Ten Coures covering 12 Modules of skill-based content that successful managers count on!

  1. 10 Soft Skills You Need (Course)
  2. Being a Likeable Boss (Course)
  3. Coaching and Mentoring (Course)
  4. Delivering Constructive Criticism (Course)
  5. Leadership and Influence (Course)
  6. High Performance Teams (Inside the Company) (Course)
  7. Employee Recognition (Course)
  8. Project Management (Course)
  9. Teamwork and Team Building (Course)
  10. Workplace Diversity (Course)
Make sure that your manager, and others, know that youíre interested in taking on more responsibility. Not speaking up doesnít do anything to help you land a management role. Having conversations with your manager, HR representatives and other senior leaders will help you raise awareness of your interest and potentially put you on the radar screen when openings occur. By preparing ahead of time with these Courses you will be prepared to respond immediately to an opening when it becomes available. You will receive an earned Certificate of Completion from the Online Learning Institute for each course you complete successfuly. This reflects evidence of your newly learned skills and insights.

If youíve been longing for a promotion that has proved elusive, taking the steps to complete these Courses can help you better position yourself to serve in a management role. Being proactive will also send a message to others that youíre serious about your career and willing to make the personal investment in moving forward.