Online Coaching: Measuring Diversity Training ROI Certificate Program-02/23/17 (6 Hr)

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This interactive workshop is designed to provide you with practical and realistic tools and techniques for effectively planning and conducting ROI-based diversity training evaluations. For most organizations, the issue is how to invest in the right diversity training interventions that will provide the best possible return on investment. When literally hundreds of employees are trained in diversity, senior leaders and others will want to know what is the financial return for doing this? Are you able to show the value-added impact in terms that make sense to them? Outcomes: By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: o Determine how to meet the challenges of evaluating diversity training o Evaluate how prepared your organization is to implement your diversity evaluation process o Evaluate your diversity training using a 6-level system o Decide what to evaluate and Why o Know how to measure performance before the training o Measure participant performance during the training o Measure the performance and impact of your diversity training after the workshop o Use the process to evaluate the ROI value of your diversity training This session is jammed-packed with tools, worksheets, and proven advice and processes to demonstrate the impact of your diversity training in ROI-related terms!