Learning Styles Inventory 3.1 Online

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One style doesn’t fit all! Everyone has their own way of learning. Understanding your own style – and that of other people – can help you tune into the needs of others so that you and your team work more effectively. Use the Kolb learning style inventory (LSI) to help your employees and students: understand how their learning style impacts upon problem solving, teamwork, handling conflict, communication and career choice develop their learning styles to fit their roles find out why teams work well – or badly – together strengthen their overall learning. Why choose the Kolb LSI? Understanding how people learn can help you to target your training and development efforts, motivate teams and make optimum use of your collective time, resources and capabilities. The Kolb LSI recognizes individual learning preferences, while encouraging individuals to expand their learning strengths. Based on experiential learning theory, the learning style inventory was developed by David Kolb Ph.D. with research that began in 1971. It identifies four phases in the learning process: experiencing: learning from experiences, being sensitive to feelings and people reflecting: reserving judgment, taking different perspectives, looking for meaning thinking: logically analyzing ideas, planning systematically, using concepts acting: showing an ability to get things done, taking risks, influencing. Everyone has a tendency to learn from one of these preferred phases. The Kolb LSI helps your employees or workshop participants understand their unique learning preference and develop a well-rounded approach to their learning and problem solving.