Leadership and Personal Power Pak Online

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Leadership and Personal PowerPak™ – An Online Skill-Building Tool-based Analysis Kit: Are you looking for a way to help employees take a “self-directed” approach to build their capabilities as leaders with proven results? Do you want to make certain key employees are getting helpful feedback on their current skills and abilities in areas such as leadership, team development, being a Diversity Champion, and setting and meeting critical work expectations to improve their performance? This unique PowerPak™ can help you meet that need. This PowerPak™ can be used as • A standalone toolkit • Part of Leadership Development Training program • Support tool in a performance appraisal Individual Development Plan (IDP) for employees • Part of a High-Performing Employee’s or “Next-Generation Leader’ skill- building and competency development process • And much more… This PowerPak™ contains the following easy-to-use, skill-development tools which are described below: • Dimensions of Leadership Profile • Team Dimensions Profile • Diversity Insights Profile • Work Expectations Profile Dimensions of Leadership Leadership is seen as a relationship between leaders and those being lead. We now know that leadership is revealed in many behavioral and personality styles, from charismatic visionaries to quiet team players. Leadership is can be measured in numerous dimensions, with leaders and followers interchanging roles as the situation demands. Team Dimensions Profile The Team Dimensions Profile is a learning tool for team building and team development. Successful team members have unique talents and strengths. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their individual roles in the team process. As organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete, clearly understanding and capitalizing on the dimensions of individual approaches to group processes is accentual to making highly effect teams. Diversity Insights Profile The Diversity Insights Profile is designed to examine and provide insight into your current level of knowledge and skill when interacting with people who are different than yourself. It is designed for organizations and individuals interested in developing and/or improving interpersonal interactions. The Diversity Insights Profile enables you to reflect on your opinions and feelings about diversity and inclusion as well as examine what you actually do in diverse environment situations. The interpretation and analysis phases will help you calculate and summarize the impact of your responses. This will increase your awareness of individual, ethnic, and cultural differences and identify potential areas for development. Work Expectations Profile The Work Expectations Profile self-assessment is designed to give employees insight into and understand of their work expectations and how to manage them. It helps employees create defined, well-communicated expectations leading to better attitudes and greater job satisfaction. It helps create engaged employees rather than employees whose expectations go unrealized.