Intentional Diversity Transformation (IDT) Certification

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What You will Learn During Intentional Diversity Transformation (IDT) Certification

In this Applied-Learning and Impact Workshop, you will learn how to:

* Assemble a DROI based Intentional Diversity Transformation Scorecard to report Diversity's contribution to the bottom-line.

* Build a Diversity Strategic Outcomes-based scorecard using a Logic Model framework.

* Link the right Diversity measures to the organization's measures of performance.

* Build a measurable business case for Diversity and Inclusion that is evidence-based focused on "transforming the organization' culture, systems and processes using Transformational Analytics that drive strategic business outcomes with predictive accuracy.

* Implement a multi-step process to evaluate Diversity's impact and contribution which guides your initiatives to their intended outcome, impact and results.

* Identify basic and advanced Diversity scorecard components.

* Construct a series of Hubbard Intentional Diversity Transformation Scorecard indices that are link to the organization's key business drivers.

* Report results using your enhanced Intentional Diversity Transformation Scorecard metrics demonstrating contribution and return-on-investment impact that lets the C-suite know DEI is well worth the investment and a Profit-center.

* Plan how to track each Diversity and Inclusion measure in a Logic-Chain to produce an intended outcome and impact that drives change.

* Address critical implementation issues that help integrate the enhanced Diversity scorecard into the fabric of the organization's normal mode of operating.

Benefits included with this Intentional Diversity Transformation (IDT®) Certification: 

• A comprehensive learning program 
• Detailed workbook, reference book, textbook 
• Job aids, tools, and templates 
• Access to digital copies of published case studies 
• Virtual support through live group coaching 
• Review/feedback of evaluation study 
• Issuance of Certified IDT® Professional designation
& More