ERG-BRG Institute Individual Membership

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As an Annual Registered Individual Member, you receive: 24/7 Online Warehouse of:Copy of the ERG/BRG Book: "Measuring the ROI of ERGs BRGS by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard and Dr. Myra K. Hubbard" Over 300 ERG, BRG and Diversity Measurement, and Productivity Measures and formulas you can use immediately. Step-by-Step ERG/BRG Diversity ROI Measurement Worksheets Step-by-Step ERG/BRG Diversity ROI Analytics Templates Downloadable, Featured Measurement and Productivity Articles Easy to Use ERG/BRG Diversity ROI Analytic Tools ON-DEMAND Recorded Webinars available 24/7 covering a wide variety of topics Live ERG/BRG Webinars and Best Practice Sharing Real-life Case Studies with resources, skills, checklists, and applications you can use immediately ERG/BRG Scorecard Tools and Reporting Tools Easy to Use Online Diversity ROI Measurement Calculators