ERG/BRG Diversity ROI Strategic Implementation and Measurement Toolkit

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This specialized Diversity Performance Consulting® toolkit contains a collection of 7 tried-and-tested ROI- focused ERG and ERG support tools that provide a comprehensive process for successfully implementing your ERG and BRG initiatives that demonstrate their ROI value to the organization's bottom-line. It contains the following easy-to-use items:

·        Hubbard Five Hows Analysis Worksheet - This template is designed to help you identify a specific Diversity and Inclusion challenge, then walk you through critical questions you must answer to develop a clear path to successfully implement your initiative. In addition, it also helps you articulate the value of your ERG/BRG initiative in bottom-line terms.

·       Action Plan with DROI Calculations Worksheet - This worksheet is designed to walk you "section-by-section" through the development of a Diversity and Inclusion initiative Action Plan. It also contains a template to capture the improvement analysis data of your Diversity and Inclusion initiative as well as its associated metrics and analytics. 

·        Data Collection Worksheet for Metric KPIs - This worksheet is designed to help you identify the Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Indicators (KIs) you will use to develop your Diversity and Inclusion initiative. It will also help you provide details regarding the Methods you will use and the Performance Targets you will set (including the Target, Score, Baseline and Baseline Method)

·        Communications Implementation Plan - This tool will help you create a strategy for planning your Diversity Initiative Implementation communications. It guides you though key elements that must be included in the plan as well as providing a brief sample of the Actions Needed to place the plan in motion.

·        ERG/BRG Specific Initiative Worksheet - This template is designed  to structure your ERG/BRG initiative's implementation such that it explains the initiative's Goals and Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, Measures and Targets with Stoplight levels, Action Plan Steps, System/Process Integration Actions, Benefits/Value-Added, Expected Outcomes,

·        Hubbard Input Impact Output Matrix - This template contains a complete example showing how a ERG/BRG can analyze and describe the impact of its initiative in concrete financial and other terms. It highlights the process to generate evidence-based ERG/BRG outcomes you can measure.

Diversity Measurement Planning Tree - Full Example - This worksheet contains a complete example of an organization's strategic business plan objectives and shows you how to develop Diversity strategic plan metrics, Diversity strategy tactics, Diversity tracking measures and Action Plans to drive your initiative's results and outcomes. This template is designed to provide you with a detailed flowchart and alignment of an organization’s strategic business plan objectives, your diversity strategic plan metrics, tactics, measures, and implementation action plans. You simply modify it with your content to create an implementation map of your Diversity Initiatives and their associated metrics.