Women in Leadership

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Strategies to Increase Women in Leadership

We’ve all seen the headlines about the dearth of women at the top of organizations. New reports show the number of women in the boardroom of Fortune 500 companies fell by 25% this year, after an all-time high in 2017. It comes as no surprise that only 60 women over the past 40+ years have managed to shatter the glass ceiling and assume the reigns of Fortune 500 companies--that's a paltry average of 1.32% during that period. But don’t let these bleak stats discourage you. Instead, ask yourself these daring questions:

++How do you as a talented woman not become another statistic?

++How do you get yourself briskly moving through your company’s pipeline?

++How do you earn your way to the top?

Organizations need to ask:

++What actions can we take to actively recruit women?

++How can we create/encourage women's networking opportunities?

++How do we pair women with mentors?

++How can we create/encourage educational opportunities for women?

This powerful, inexpensive 8-hour online "Women in Leadership Skills" Certificate workshop gives a wide range of solutions to address these issues head-on. Complete the workshop on your schedule and receive a certificate from the Hubbard Online Learning Institute reflecting your achievement and credits.

This workshop touches on understanding the leadership gap, vital leadership traits, and how to overcome various barriers.

Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started 

Module Two: Women and the Workforce

Module Three: The Leadership Gap 

Module Four: Barriers to Women’s Leadership

Module Five: Traits of Women’s Leadership 

Module Six: Benefits of Women’s Leadership

Module Seven: Nurturing Women’s Leadership 

Module Eight: Actively Recruit Women

Module Nine: Create/Encourage Women’s Networking Opportunities 

Module Ten: Pair Women with Mentors

Module Eleven: Create and Encourage Educational Opportunities 

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up