Increasing Your Happiness

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Increasing ones happiness can be done through the power of positive thinking. That is one skill that this work shop will touch on to teach your participants how to be happier. Happiness will spread throughout your organization, and have a positive effect on everyone.


With our Increasing Your Happiness workshop your participants will engage in unique and helpful ways to increase their happiness. This will have a robust effect on their professional and personal lives. It will improve their communication skills, increase productivity, and lesson absenteeism.


Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started 

Module Two: Plan Ahead For Happiness

Module Three: Plan Your Day 

Module Four: Relate To Others

Module Five: Go To Your Happy (Work) Space 

Module Six: Accentuate the Positive

Module Seven: Use Your Benefits 

Module Eight: Take Control of Your Career Happiness

Module Nine: Set Boundaries 

Module Ten: Practice Positivity

Module Eleven: Choose To Be Happy 

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up