The Diversity Discipline

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Author: Dr. Edward E. Hubbard If we examine, for example, the disciplines of Marketing, Sales, Operations, and the like, we would find they all have welldefined competencies, proven theories, and applied sciences that under-gird their application. These theories and sciences provide a recognized structure, strategy and a set of measurable standards to guide those who work in the field. To be taken seriously as a discipline and field of study Diversity, too, must possess a structure, framework and critical components that are consistent with other serious disciplines This book highlights a proven framework in use by the Hubbard Diversity Measurement and Productivity (HDM&P) Institute. Its intent is to offer a resource, guidance and potential standards of excellence to individuals and organizations who share a vision of diversity as a credible, professional discipline and field of study. The Hubbard Diversity Discipline Framework™ offers additional insight and tools to use along this journey.