Diversity Council Survey

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Gain Insight your Diversity Council's Performance and ROI Impact.... Sold in sets of 10 Profiles ($9.95 each). This survey is designed to help your Diversity Council gain insight into its effectiveness. It will help you examine your Council's performance in 9 critical competency areas. *Building a Strategic Diversity Framework *Diversity Orientation *Building Relationships *Innovative Problem Solving *Dialogue *Teamwork *Council Member Cooperation *Listening *ROI Results All individual responses will be kept confidential. Other people will also contribute feedback. Your ratings will be combined (without your name) with their ratings to produce an average score, which will be summarized in a feedback report. No one can see your feedback without your password. Only summarized data will be reflected in the final report. Based upon your input, the group will receive a comprehensive report covering how well it is working. This survey produces a 45+ page report, complete with executive summaries, detailed item analysis, and detailed comment questions. 10 Profiles & Group Report: $ 99.95