Dimensions of Leadership Profile

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Collapsing organizational hierarchies and increasing workforce diversity has dramatically changed our understanding of the role of leadership. The Dimensions of Leadership Profile allows participants to explore leadership from one of three points of view: self as leader, another person as leader and the leadership needs of a situation. Participants assess four broad aspects of leadership: Character, Analysis, Accomplishment and Interaction. The profile guides learners to assess how they view twelve specific dimensions of leadership: * Enthusiasm * Integrity * Self-renewal * Courage * Perceiving * Judging * Performing * Problem Solving * Team Building * Collaboration * Inspiring * Serving Others The Dimensions of Leadership Profile looks at interrelationships of leading and following. It allows individuals to decide when it is appropriate to lead and to when to accept a secondary role. Individuals in work teams discover how to be flexible in utilizing a variety of roles to have the most effective impact on the work process. Benefits: When leadership is understood in its multiple dimensions, with leaders and followers interchanging roles as the situation demands, we can capitalize on leadership potential and create committed followers at all levels of an organization. Match leadership approaches to organizational needs to maximize success Recognize the benefits of shared leadership and the value of the leader-follower relationship Build new dimensions of leadership skills to increase performance Strengthen team processes and reduce conflict among team members Objectives: The Dimensions of Leadership Profile enables participants to: * Identify personal leadership characteristics * Define primary qualities needed by leaders * Discover the value of different approaches to leadership * Match leadership approaches to organizational needs