Diversity Training ROI

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Utilizing human capital assets is the primary vehicle to drive corporate and organizational performance and results. Thus, in a diverse world, developing diversity competent employees using a learning culture is vital for long-term success. Performance and profits are closely linked and require a comprehensive business and diversity training strategy to utilize human capital assets effectively. The only way to determine that skill development and diversity training are having the desired effect is to use formal training evaluation processes and ROI-based cost-benefit analysis methods to evaluate diversity training efforts. The results of these activities can confirm the positive effects of diversity training and identify improvements to make it better. Professional Diversity training measurement and evaluation strategies can contribute to maximizing an organization’s overall return on investment (ROI) or it’s Return on Mission (ROMtm). Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, noted business expert and author of the best-selling books “Measuring Diversity Results”, “How to Calculate Diversity ROI (DROI®)”, “The Diversity Scorecard”, “The Diversity Discipline” and many others will help you learn a diversity analytics-focused process to assess, measure, track, and report your diversity training initiatives impact to demonstrate their value in financial and other terms. Diversity training evaluation approaches used in this book are both practical and comprehensive. The process is based upon the time-honored standards of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) methodology for professional training and development and business systems analysis technologies. The Hubbard Diversity Training Return on Investment (DTROI®) method utilizes a comprehensive step-wise process for measuring, analyzing, interpreting and reporting your diversity training results and its impact on the organization’s bottom-line. The process links strategic organizational objectives and work process flow to diversity performance and impact metrics. This book gives you step-by-step instructions, worksheets and examples to help you evaluate the impact of your diversity training initiatives in the context of organizational goals, objectives, performance, and measurable results! In this book, Dr. Hubbard will show you how to: * Conduct a comprehensive Diversity Training Needs and Requirements Analysis * Link diversity training measures to the organization’s measures and performance factors * Implement a six-level process to evaluate diversity training impact, contribution and “Chain of Impact” results. * Identify key analysis questions to use to frame and guide a comprehensive diversity training measurement study * Collect diversity-related data that highlights the contribution of diversity training to the organizational bottom-line * Calculate the Financial ROI (DTROI®) and Benefit-to-Cost Impact of Diversity Training * Calculate the Value and Worth of Hard to Quantify Training Initiatives * Report diversity training results demonstrating the intervention’s contribution and return-on-investment in financial and other terms. * Conduct a Diversity Training Risk Analysis * Utilize Extensive Diversity Training Evaluation Analysis Tools Dr. Hubbard will also identify automated diversity software measurement tools and online Diversity Analytics and Dashboard services, standard and customizable surveys you can use, and explain key concepts and techniques such as: * The I.S.D. Methodology * The A.D.D.I.E. Model * The Diversity Alignment/Linkage Framework * The Diversity Outcome Identification Matrix * And much more…. In essence, this book is designed for anyone who would like a concrete “how-to” roadmap with detailed instructions to design, measure, analyze, and/or improve his or her diversity training initiative results to demonstrate their financial return on investment (ROI)!