Diversity Scorecard Book

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Senior leaders and diversity professionals are eager to see practical applications of the models, techniques, theories, strategies, and issues that constitute the diversity arena. In recent years, diversity practitioners have developed an intense desire to learn about diversity measurement strategies that create compelling evidence that highlights how diversity adds value to organizational performance and the bottom line. This book is intended to fill some of that need. Each chapter covers key aspects of a diversity measurement scorecard process and outlines a comprehensive return-on-investment system that helps identify diversityís contribution to the organizationís bottom line in financial terms. It will provide stepby- step diversity scorecard processes that are proven to work in the real environment of the workplace. The fundamental structure of this book reflects a basic process for implementing a diversity scorecard measurement system in your organization. It is divided into four critical parts to help build knowledge and basic skills as you proceed. Part I provides an understanding of the need for diversity measurement. It provides an informational and statistical business case for diversity and addresses some critical measurement issues that help you gain a solid foothold to establish diversityís link to the organizationís strategy. This information will be covered in Chapters 1 and 2. Part II presents the diversity return-on-investment (DROI) model in a step-by-step process. An overview of the model is discussed in segments across three chapters. After an introduction to the model in Chapter 3, Chapter 4 outlines the modelís planning and data collection processes. Chapter 5 explores the modelís techniques for evaluating diversityís contribution to the bottom line, and Chapter 6 wraps up Part II of the book with methods and software tools to track and assess your progress. A detailed discussion of the entire DROI model can be found in the book How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment by Dr. Edward Hubbard. At the conclusion, the reader has a clear understanding of the overall DROI process. Examples are used to explain key elements of the model and to enhance application strategies in the organization. Part III provides the basic building blocks for assembling a diversity scorecard of the DROI process results to report diversityís contribution. Each diversity scorecard index perspective is explained in detail in Chapters 7 through 13, and critical measures and processes clarify its use. Chapter 14 wraps up Part III with steps to create a Diversity Scorecard and highlights sample Diversity Scorecards for the private (for-profit), public, and not-for-profit sectors. Part IV examines some key implementation issues that must be addressed to embed diversity into the fabric of the organization. A discussion of strategies and tactics to address these issues is covered in Chapters 15 and 16. In addition, a list of resources and tools to support the development and implementation of the Diversity Scorecard are available in the Appendix. Each major part of this book will help you gain a level of level of diversity measurement competence to ultimately compile a basic scorecard.