Diversity Insights Profile Online

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The Online Version of the Diversity Insights Profile. This tool generates a 360 degree version of the profile that results in a 31 plus page personalized report. People are diverse in many ways. We have a number of differences that offer a wide range of opportunities and possibilities to make us more effective, our organizations successful, and our world a better place. When we accept our differences and learn to work with them, we enrich our lives and those of others as well as improve the creativity and productivity of the organization. However, too often, we find ourselves working against the effective use of our differences, similarities and tensions and allow them to hinder instead of help. Why do we have so many problems dealing with diversity? Diversity itself isn’t a problem—our differences have always been there; they are what make us unique. The problems lie in our attitudes towards diversity and inclusion. People who have negative attitudes towards other people’s difference often engage in negative behaviors including: " Prejudice " Stereotyping and Discrimination " Ethnocentrism To keep these negative behaviors from becoming barriers, we must learn to recognize and avoid them in all types of situations such as working with co-workers, in business relationships, in customer relationships, hiring, firing, and the like. Prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination hurt people and ultimately destroy an organization’s effectiveness and bottom-line success. When differences, similarities and tensions are used effectively, the results can add tremendous value for everyone! Purpose The Diversity Insights Profile™ is designed to examine and provide “insight” into your current level of knowledge and skill when interacting with people who are different than yourself. It is designed for organizations and individuals interested in developing and/or improving interpersonal interactions. Application The Diversity Insights Profile™ enables you to reflect on your opinions and feelings about diversity and inclusion as well as examine what you actually do in diverse environment situations. The interpretation and analysis phases will help you calculate and summarize the impact of your responses. This will increase your awareness of individual, ethnic, and cultural differences and identify potential areas for development.