DISC Analysis Profile

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DiSC Classic Profile is a behavioral personality assessment. DiSC is derived from the work of William Moulton Marston, the developer of the D.I.S.C. Model. Marston's model examined the behavior of "normal" people and how their behavioral preferences are affected by their personality and the environment or situation they find themselves in. This four quadrant behavioral personality profile test provides a understanding of people through awareness of temperament and behavioral styles. Personal and professional success requires understanding people's model of the world. Research indicates the insight achieved through the understanding of one's personal behavior on themselves and others. For almost 41 years, the knowledge provided by the DiSC Classic Profile and Personal Profile System 2800 Series® has been used to develop and enhance productive communication, rapport, and relationships for almost 50 million people internationally, through its "Dimensions of Behavior" learning approach. The DiSC Profile is a learning instrument designed to help people realize to what degree they utilize each behavior style bases on their personality and the situation they find themselves in. DiSC provides feedback designed to help people and organizations build productive teams and development effective management and leadership. It is also used to create powerful sales forces using rapid rapport development and insights into selling styles and buying styles.