Diversity Analysis Pack 3

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·        Hubbard Five Hows Analysis

o   This tool is designed to help analyze how you will drive the impact of your Diversity initiatives to the bottom-line of the organization. It provides tangible evidence to report results in a credible “chain-of-impact” manner to demonstrate how success will be obtained.


·        Hubbard Input Impact Output Matrix

o   This tool is designed to help you demonstrate the alignment and impact of your Diversity initiatives on the bottom-line results of the organization. It will help you clearly show the connection between your Diversity-based actions and the business outcomes produced. It also helps you highlight how you will measure the impact.


·        Key Result Area and Key Indicator Metrics Tool

o   This tool is designed to assist you in developing a plan to monitor and track the use of critical Diversity measures listed by Key Result Area and monitored by Key Indicator as well as by Performance Targets to be achieved. It provides you with the ability to show the linkage of your Diversity measures with Key Result Areas and business objectives of the organization.