Diversity Business Alignment Maps

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Your boss just told you for your Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) organization to truly deliver what the C-Suite wants and remain viable, you need to “think more strategically”. You are puzzled by your boss’s statement. What does that mean? You thought you were being “strategic”. Now, you are not so sure that what you are doing will keep your efforts in the “value-added” column and off the budget cutting or elimination table. In this book, Dr. Edward Hubbard will examine several key aspects of strategy and thinking strategically… identifying what it is, why it’s important, who needs to think strategically, what distinguishes strategic thinkers, and what steps are included to implement the strategic thinking process. He will introduce you to a powerful NEW tool and strategic framework which shows you how to build a series of strategic execution models called “D-BAMs” or Diversity Business Alignment Maps. These Maps drive measurable business performance outcomes and generate results linked to the bottomline. Dr. Hubbard explains the “Value Creation” process and how to deploy D-BAM strategies enterprise-wide with effective Diversity and Inclusion ROI measurement precision. Diversity Business Alignment Maps (D-BAMs) are blueprints and a roadmap for describing, measuring, and aligning intangible, and specifically diverse Human Capital assets for superior performance.