How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment

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In Dr. Hubbard's previous book, Measuring Diversity Results (Global Insights Publishing—1997), He discussed some of the foundational skills, techniques, and formulas you can use to measure the success of your diversity initiatives. In this book, He will help you learn an entire process to analyze, measure, track, and report a specific diversity initiative to demonstrate its value. The measurement approaches used in this book are both practical and comprehensive. Most of the steps in the process involve using common, well-known processes and basic arithmetic. Its primary focus as a “learning toolkit” is to help you calculate Diversity’s Return-on-Investment (DROI) using effective measurement strategies to assess diversity’s impact on business results. The DROI method utilizes a seven-step process for measuring, analyzing, interpreting and reporting your progress. The process links strategic organizational objectives and work process flow to diversity performance and key impact metrics. This book gives you step-by-step instructions, worksheets and examples to help you analyze the impact of your diversity initiatives in the context of the work you do on a day-to-day basis. The first half of the book walks you through the process one step at a time. Each step is explained and demonstrated with examples. Then, you are given opportunities to practice the step. The second half of the book is designed as a reference you can use to understand key concepts in further detail, learn about new computerized diversity measurement tools and techniques to build a financial performance mindset. In this book, Dr. Hubbard will show you how to: * Link diversity measures to key organizational performance measures * Implement a multi-step process to evaluate diversity’s impact and contribution * Identify key analysis questions to use to frame and guide a comprehensive diversity measurement study of an important business issue * Collect diversity-related data that highlights the contribution of diversity to the organization’s bottom-line * Use a specific data isolation technique to identify the contribution of diversity from other elements * Convert diversity’s contribution to dollars * Calculate diversity’s costs and benefits * Report the diversity metrics demonstrating its contribution and return-on-investment. * Plan ways to track each diversity measure Dr. Hubbard will also identify diversity software measurement tools, standard and customizable survey methods you can use, and explain key concepts and techniques such as: * The Causal Model of Diversity Climate, Performance and Results * The Diversity Contribution Model and Calculation * And much more….