Diversity ROI Business Planning and Analysis Toolkit

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This specialized Diversity Performance Consulting toolkit contains a collection of 6 tried-and-tested ROI- focused measurement and implementation support tools that provide a valid framework for implementing Diversity and Inclusion work team initiatives, working with Diversity Councils, Employee and Business Resource Groups, solving problems and/or prioritizing opportunities with Diverse Work Teams, etc.


This toolkit includes

        Diversity Scorecard Job Aid WorksheetThis worksheet is designed to help you complete a comprehensive Diversity Scorecard Strategy Alignment and Linkage Tool. It includes a column-by-column job-aided instructions to help you track the impact of your Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives and their alignment and Linkage to the organization’s Key Business Strategies and Objectives. This worksheet will also help you connect to Business measures, identify the Diversity Link to those business objectives and strategies, the Diversity Measures and Standards to demonstrate your bottom-line impact, the data you will collect to verify the need for your Diversity intervention, and the criteria you will use to provide results and evidence of your success.

        Initiative Implementation Worksheet This worksheet is designed to help you complete an “easy-to-use- worksheet that organizes your Diversity Initiative’s implementation including Key Tasks to be completed and specific Timeframes as well as costs associated with each task. The worksheet also allows you to enter the workload % to start the initiative (separating “In-House” from External resources used), the Approximate External resource costs, The Potential Impact for achieving the Business Strategy and rating of the initiative’s Ease of Implementation for budgeting purposes.

Action Plan with DROI Calc Worksheet - This worksheet is designed to help you complete a comprehensive action plan and detailed diversity initiative Improvement Analysis. It includes a step-by-step Diversity Return on Investment (DROI) analysis of the initiatives listed and methods to validate the ROI calculations that substantiate their impact on the organization.

Key Result Area (KRA) and Metrics Data Collection Worksheet - This worksheet is designed to help you complete a comprehensive measurement data collection plan that examines the Key Performance Indicators, Methods of Collection and Measurement Performance Targets that are set to deliver the initiative results to the organization bottom-line.

Contingency Planning Tools Template - This template is designed to help develop a detailed Contingency Planning, Trigger-Point Analysis, and Vulnerability Audit that will help you proactively take action against failing diversity initiatives that do not hit the mark. It will help you plan for both internal and external contingencies to build an effective plan for success. Contingency Planning Tools help you avoid critical pitfalls that can occur and derail your progress. They help you think through and consider potential obstacles along with strategies to overcome them

Diversity Measurement and Initiative Planning Tree Template - This template is designed to provide you with a detailed flowchart and alignment of an organization's strategic business plan objectives, your diversity strategic plan metrics, tactics, measures, and implementation action plans. You simply modify it with your content to create an implementation map of your Diversity Initiatives and their associated metrics.


Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. also offers periodic Tool-based Webinar training covers in the use of the tools in this toolkit. Check our corporate website www.hubbardnhubbardinc.com under Workshops and Events for details.