Diversity ROI Business Planning and Analytics Toolkit

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This specialized Diversity Performance Consulting® toolkit contains a collection of 4 tried-and-tested ROI- focused business planning and analytic support tools that provide a comprehensive process for successfully implementing “evidence-based” outcomes and strategies with Diversity Councils, Employee and Business Resource Groups, Diverse Work Teams, etc. This toolkit includes …Diversity Business Planning Template - This detailed Diversity strategic planning template is designed to provide you with a powerful layout of critical plan components to communicate the feasibility and strength of your Diversity plan for Implementation. It contains sections to help you include strategic performance metrics, targets, a “risk-assessment and analysis”, a financial impact analysis, a strategic impact analysis, and much more. Diverse Work Team Performance Gap Analysis and Intervention Worksheet - This comprehensive template is designed to guide you through a detail “Situation analysis, “Gap”, and “Root-Cause” analysis to help create appropriate interventions to address a critical performance area your organization or the team’s business. This intervention guidance tool helps you consider “desired”, “current” and “future-state” scenarios for exceptional planning and outcome performance. Diversity Scorecard Strategy Alignment and Linkage Tool - This strategic alignment template/tool is designed to guide you through a comprehensive Scorecard Metrics Linkage analysis to ensure your diversity scorecard strategy is linked to critical outcomes that your C-Suite management team really cares about and expects. It will take you step-by-step through your key business strategies and objectives along with your baseline metrics, targets, goals, and standards. This allows you to conduct a benchmarking comparison to assess if your diversity initiatives are meeting and exceeding critical milestones. Diversity Value Chain Analysis Tool - This worksheet is a thought-provoking job-aid that is designed to help ensure that your diversity initiatives are “evidence-based” and “outcome-focused” that drive value to the organization’s bottom-line. It provides a guide to step your initiative strategy through a “litmus-test” to see if it leads to a measurable, value-added outcome that matters. Each section validates your initiative selection and confirms its impact and purpose. Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. also offers periodic Tool-based Webinar training coversint the use of the tools in this toolkit. Check our Corporate website www.hubbardnhubbardinc.com under Workshops and Events for details.