Building a Measurable Business Unit Action Plan

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The Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. “Building Diversity Competence: Personal Guidance Sessions” are a revolutionary, one-on-one, private way to build your skills, competency and confidence in applying strategic diversity interventions and strategies that work. Guided by world-renowned diversity ROI analytics and measurement expert, Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, (author of more than 40 books including the ground-breaking books: “Measuring Diversity Results”, “The Diversity Scorecard”, “How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment (DROI®)”, “Diversity Training ROI”, “The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Diversity Management”, “Implementing Diversity Measurement and Diversity Management”, and many others. Each session will equip you with tools, models, skills, and Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.’s trademark diversity return-on-investment analysis methods for training, advising, and consulting to handle diversity interventions within your organization. Here’s a summary of the professional development services you receive: This Diversity Competence Guidance session focuses on building your skills to conduct a comprehensive and effective Diversity Needs Analysis for the solutions you will create. You will also receive a detailed tool/toolkit to walk you step-by-step through the process. Each private, one-on-one Diversity Guidance Session includes: Facilitated by Dr. Hubbard • A Private, Personal 3 Hr Coaching/Mentoring Session with Dr. Hubbard • A Competency area Application Tool or Toolkit • An On–the-Job Application and Practicum to Demonstrate your Skills • An Individual Development Action Plan • Personal 1 Hr. Follow-up Session with Dr. Hubbard regarding the Job Application and Practicum • Credits Earned towards a DROI® Certification of your Choice if you Choose to Apply Them Towards a DROI® Certification Facilitated by Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, each session earns credits towards Certification in the DROI® Methodology (although working towards a certification is not required, you can utilize the sessions for personal development or “shadow-coaching” for work you want to implement). If you want to be H&H, Inc. DROI® certified you can achieve certification as a: • Certified Diversity Trainer (CDT) • Certified Diversity Advisor (CDA) • Certified Diversity Performance Consultant/Technologist (CDPC) • Certified Diversity Business Partner (CDBP) • Certified Diversity Strategist (CDS) • Certified Diversity Intervention Specialist (CDIS) These Certifications can only be obtained from Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. Each competency-based coaching, mentoring, training and individual development session will provide you with expertise to perform interventions such as: • Providing diversity training for your organization that educates employees on diversity and specifically links key diversity business impact drivers to improved organizational performance • Diagnosing organizational problems and identify strategic interventions utilizing diversity to meet critical customer, operational, and other needs. • Increasing your knowledge and skill to deliver an organization and industry relevant diversity workshop with proven measurement tools that help you show the diversity training’s contribution to improved job performance and return on investment. • Measuring, building and enhancing the skills and contributions of diverse work teams that add value to the bottom-line • Learning skills to conduct individual and organizational Cultural Audit and other assessments to deliver feedback and plan for improved performance • Designing measurable diversity strategic plans that utilize a credible return on investment methodology highlighting costs and benefits in financial and non-financial terms. • Developing and utilizing coaching and facilitation skills to handle sensitive Diversity Council and 1:1 employee discussions. • Building diversity performance consulting competencies and skills to work with all levels within the organization • Learning coaching and consultation processes to create measurable diversity strategic plans and initiatives • Utilizing a wide range of time-saving diversity planning and implementation tools as well as software tools that demonstrate progress and results. The methodology has been accepted and used throughout the U.S. and in numerous countries around the world. It is the leading approach for Diversity ROI measurement and accountability. These Certifications can only be obtained from Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc. You can become Level-I up to Level III Certified in the Hubbard Diversity ROI (DROI®)Methodology Imagine Your Name:____________, CDA, CDT (with these or other earned credentials after your name) These certification processes are designed to help you build professional skills, knowledge and confidence with expert guidance, teaching you proven techniques, tools, and processes to effectively improve the performance of your organization with measurable results. Participants learn how to use the DROI® methodology to measure the contribution of programs and processes to satisfy client needs, enhance program success, and build respect with stakeholders. This Diversity Competence Guidance session focuses on building your skills to conduct a comprehensive and effective Diversity Needs Analysis. You will also receive an detailed tool/toolkit to walk you step-by-step through the process.